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Dorji Industrial Group Co.,Ltd is a group company created by Mr. Dorji Karma on the purpose of providing a platform for excellent small and medium-sized manufacturers to expand business in the competitive and tremendous overseas market. At present several companies and factories procure and sell under the name of Dorji Industrial Group and each keeps financial and operation independently. Now the business of Dorji Industrial Group is mainly involved in Hardware & Plastic Parts, Wireless Modules and Packaging Equipments.

As a fast-growing department of Dorji Industrial Group, Dorji Applied Technologies operated as an independent business division in 2009 in order to meet more and more challenges from the market and provide more flexible and faster service for its increasing customers. The main responsibilities of Dorji Applied Technologies include making marketing polices, developing new product, introducing new technologies and business which are in accordance with the interest of Dorji Industrial Group. Because of its fast growth, Dorji Applied Technologies will operate as a independent company in the foreseeable future.

The business strategy of Dorji Industrial Group is to provide customers with a whole solution for electronic production and manufacturing. The platform is open to any companies with sincerity and positive business philosophy. Though company scale is not the crucial criterion for Dorji Industrial Group to choose partners, it always puts quality control and fast delivery of products in the first place. Dorji Industrial Group welcomes any qualified company to join the group and works together to provide customers with more value-added products and service.
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