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Dorji Applied Technologies is an open design platform created by Dorji Industrial Group with the purpose of applying state-of-the-art wireless and digital technology into communicatoin modules. In the times of emergying more complicated and versitile technology, it's impossible for one company to master every aspect of new wireless and digital technology and always stands in the first line of innovation and creation. Dorji Applied Technologies hereby seeks for full-time or part-time engineers with special expertise in certain application field.
Position Available: RF Design Engineer
Position Type: Full time / part time
Position Description: Candidates should be responsible for design, development and evaluation of analog mixed-signal / RF circuitry in wireless applications. Develop circuit topologies and perform circuit design. Design verification via computer simulations. Perform physical layout design and oversee all layout activities including backend checks such as LVS and DRC. Performing design reviews. Prepare block diagrams, schematics, simulation results and design analyses for documentation. Evaluate and characterize prototype units. Develop test specifications and coordinate with Test/Product Engineering. Participate in design reviews and technical discussions for other projects.
Position Requirements:
-Minimum 4 years industrial experience with BS degree, MS preferred
-Hands-on experience with board level tuning and optimization of matching networks.
-Understanding and development of advanced RF/microwave measurement techniques
-Working knowledge with Agilent's ADS , Ansoft's HFSS or related
-Solid understanding concerning circuit instability and strategies to resolve them.
-ISM & Broadcasting products experience with knowledge in metering industry will be the plus
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