DRF1262DS DRF1268DS Testing Board DAD07
DAD07 is a testing board designed for data radio modem DRF1262DS and DRF1268DS modules.
Bi-color LED
SMA connector pad

It can be soldered  with DRF1262DS and DRF1268DS modules  to test the function of the two modules through computer
DAD07 contains  a bi-color LED which  can directly connects to the LED pins (L1, L2) of the modules to indicate the receive and transmit status. It can be soldered with SMA connector to match the SMA antenna, which makes the testing of distance much easier. What's more the EN and MO pin of the data radio modem can be directly connect to 3.3V or GND through jumpers. With pin headers, the testing board can convert the SMD type of modules to DIP package. With USB-to-TTL converter board, the DAD07 board with DRF1268DS or DRF1262DS can be tested on the computer to verify the communication and change the default parameters.
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