500mW 868Mhz si4431 Module DRF4431F27-086S
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DRF4431F27-086S is a type of 868Mhz 500mW high power RF front-end transceiver module based on SI4431 from Silicon labs. LNA and PA are added in order to achieve the longest distance.
* FSK/GFSK Modulation
* 868 transceiver module
* 27dBm output power
* -122dBm sensitivity
* Standard SPI interface
* Temperature sensor and 8-bit ADC
* Data Rate: 0.123~256 kbps
* Transmit current: 320mA
* Supply voltage: 3.3~6.0V

* Remote Control * Remote AMR  * Home Automation * Personal data logger * Wireless sensor network * Remote Keyless entry * Wireless PC peripherals
DRF4431F27-086S module consists of RFIC Si4431, thin SMD crystal, LDO and PA circuit. The antenna port is well matched to standard 50 Ohm impedance. Users don’t need to spend time in RF circuit design. It keeps all the advantages of RFIC SI4431 but simplifies the circuit design. The high sensitivity (-122dBm) and 27dBm output power make the module suitable for long range applications.  It is compatible with 868MHz DRF4431F13-086S and DRF4432F20-086s modules in communication.
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