433MHz LoRa RS485 Interface Module DRF1278DL2
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DRF1278DL2 is a type of long range RS485 interface data radio modem based on SX1278 from Semtech. It is a low-cost sub-1 GHz transceiver module designed for operations in the unlicensed ISM (Industrial Scientific Medical) and LPRD bands. Frequency spectrum modulation/demodulation, multi-channel operation, high bandwidth efficiency and anti-blocking performance make DRF1278DL2 modules easy to realize the robust and reliable wireless link.
* LoRaTM Frequency Spectrum
* 433Mhz ISM frequency band
* -139dBm receive sensitivity
* 20dBm Max. output power
* RS485 interface
* Serial port wake-up
* Wireless wake-up
* Star networking ability
* Supply voltage 3.4~5.5V

Home automation,  Security alarm,  Telemetry,  Automatic meter reading,  Contactless access,  Wireless data logger, Remote motor control,  Wireless sensor network
DRF1278DL2 is a transparent data radio modem which means the module transfers or receives data from the host with preset data format without encoding/decoding needed so the communication between them is transparent. DRF1278DL2 only has RS485 interface and DRF1278DL1 has RS232 interface . Comparing to DRF1278DM module, DRF1278DL2 doesn’t have star networking function. Users can set both DRF1278DM and DRF1278DL2 modules to standard mode to make them compatible.
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