DORJI released 3mA smart RF transceiver module
Dorji Applied Technologies launched DRF1212D10-043S module, the SMD package of DRF1212D10 module. By function the
DRF1212D10-043S modules can be divided into: S1 (without ID) and S2 (with ID). The S1 type DRF1212D10-043S1 is fully compatible with DIP package in functions. However the S2 type is added with ID function with which modules can be distinguished group by group. In other words only the modules with the same ID can communicate. This function makes it very suitable for Home automation which can avoid interference from other houses.

Because of its compact size and extra low power consumption (3mA in receive mode), it is also suitable for data logger, robot control, sensor network or other related applications. Please click the link for technical details. For samples or quotation, please contact our sales team or our partners in corresponding territories.
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