SI4432 20dBm Medium Power Module Available now!
Since the day that Silicon Labs announced the debut of the medium-power series RF ICs, DORJI has been keeping high attention to the subsequent progress on development and improvement. With the release of B1 version of SI4432 this year, more and more engineers began to utilise this IC into new design because of its high power and compact size.

Considering the steadiness and high power features of SI4432, DORJI started the development of wireless module based on this IC and successfully launched data transmission module DRF4432D20. Comparing to present DRF7020D20 module, it reduces a power amplifier, which cuts down the unit price with little influence in features. What's more, the advantages of Silicon labs' products such as high sensitivity, low standby current, convenient to use and so on are still well kept in the modules. Visitors are welcome to click the link for more detailed information.
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