433MHz 500mw Data radio modem DRF7020D27 released!
ORJI proundly announces that high power version of DRF7020 series module is available for sales now. DRF7020D27 is a 27dBm data transmission transceiver module which inherits the innate characters of DRF7020 family modules without increasing board dimensions too much.

DRF2070D27 modules still uses signal power supply with wide range. Except working voltage and output power, other features are basically the same as other DRF7020 modules so the users of DRF7020 series modules can easily implement it into present system. Till now DORJI has successfully developed a series of modules with different output powers ranging from 10dBm to 27dBm, which can meet most requirements on distance in wireless data transmission applications. If users have other requirements on output power or other features, please feel free to write to TECH CENTER for more details.
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