868MHz 915MHz Lora sx1262 module DRF1262G
DRF1262G based on SX1262 sub-GHz radio transceiver is ideal for long range wireless applications. Comparing to last generation of Lora chips sx1278/sx1276, the sx1262 has less receive current (about 4.6mA) current and higher output power (up to +22dBm). DRF1262G keeps the advantage of sx1262 and frees the engineers from designing RF circuit. 

It adopts +/-10ppm crystal which can cover most of the applications for long range communication. DAD06 testing kit is also provided to establish fast communication based on ST Nucleo and Arduino UNO board. Users of DRF1262G modules can contact the sales of DORJI for testing codes based on STM32 and Arduino.

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