Semtech LoRa SX1276 SX1278 Data Radio Modem DRF1278DM
The SX1278 transceivers from Semtech feature the LoRaTM long range modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimising current consumption.Using Semtech's patented LoRaTM modulation technique SX1278 can achieve a sensitivity using a low cost crystal and bill of materials. The high sensitivity combined with the integrated +20 dBm power amplifier yields industry leading link budget making it optimal for any application requiring range or robustness.

DORJI takes the advantage of LoRa technique and released the long range data radio modem DRF1278DM. It provides standard UART interface and support two types of working modes: Standard mode and Star network mode. The standard mode of DRF1278DM is similar to other data radio modems of DORJI and the host only needs to transfer / receive data to/from DRF1278DM module with preset data format. In Star network mode the DRF1278DM modules can be easily used to establishe a star network. Because of high sensitivity, the long transmission distance can be achieved without relay nodes, which can reduce the complexity of mesh networking. Please check the LINK for more details about the module
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