High Power JN5168 Zigbee module DZM5168D
Though DORJI has its own protocol wireless network module DRF1110N20, some customers still hope they can use Zigbee based modules in order to make the products compatible with present solution. DORJI chose one of the most popular Zigbee RFIC JN5168 from NXP Semiconductor and designed the module DZM5168D. External PA and LNA are added in order to meet the rigid requirement on distance. DZM5168D module provides three types of antenna footprints so users can solder chip antenna or install IPEX and SMA antenna by soldering the connection resistor in different direction.

There are three types of modules: Coordinator, Router and EndDevice. For one network, only one Coordinator is allowed but there can be multiple Routers and EndDevice. Router can be acted as relay node and terminate node. As to EndDevice it only acts as terminate node and doesn't have routing function. Just for this reason the EndDevice has sleep function because it doesn't have children nodes. If the applications don't need to consider power consumption, Coordinator and Routers are enough for networking. For low energy consumption projects which the terminate nodes have no children nodes and only need to communicate with its father nodes, EndDevice can be used together with Coordinator to establish a Star Network. Certainly Coordinator, Router and EndDevice can be used in the same network for more complicated applications. LINK for more details about the module
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