144MHZ 145MHZ 146MHZ 154MHZ 160MHZ 174MHZ VHF Ham Radio Amateur Radio Module
New Ham Radio modules DRA818U and DRA818V are released! DRA818U works in UHF band and DRA818V works in VHF band which covers the commonly used frequencies such as 144MHz, 145MHz, 146MHz, 150MHz, 154MHz, 160MHz, etc. Comparing to DRA808M modules, CDCSS function and new AT command are added. The new AT command can turn on/off low-pass filter, high-pass filter and pre-emphasis and de-emphasis function, which provides more flexibilities for audio frequency. DRA818U/DRA818V modules keep the same pin sequence and dimension as DRA808M so users don't need to change the PCB layout when replacing one type with another and only need to make some minor changes in firmare to enable the new functions. Please check the LINK for more details about the module

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