Distributed Mesh Network Module DRF1110N
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DRF1110N is a low-cost sub-1 GHz wireless distributed network module designed for operations in the MESH network applications such as AMR (Automatic Metering Reading), wireless sensor network,. The module has one main channel and 1~16 auxiliary channels which can be used for frequency hopping. The frequency and number of channels are all configurable. It communicates with external devices through standard UART interface with variable data format. Advanced Ad Hoc mesh network protocol is embedded into DRF1110N module
* 433MHz transceiver
* 20dBm Max. output power
* Distributed mesh network
* Multi-channel selection
* Network notes plug and play
* Adaptive data rate
* 255 routing levels
* Six-byte MAC Address
* Configurable Network ID
* Versatile sleep mechanism
* Multiple external devices
* Supply voltage: 2.1~3.6V

Automatic meter reading,  Wireless sensor network,  Intelligent agricultural,  Wireless industrial control,  Home automation,  Mobile Ad-Hoc Network,  Warehousing, Logistics,  Alarm and Location and Replacing Zigbee Network.
MNET III is the state-of-the-art distributed peer-to-peer mesh network protocol which takes full advantage of the network routing redundancy. The network features with self-healing ability, stability and high data throughput. It is a real drop-in network which no initialization is necessary and all network nodes are ready to work as soon as being powered-up. The network supports up to 255 routing levels and there is no limitation on the capacity of network which tens of thousands of nodes can be contained in large scale applications. The physical layer utilizes a lot of advanced wireless communication technologies such as frequency hopping, adaptive rate, secure and reliable wireless wake-up mechanism, interleaving error correction coding and so on. The intelligent collision avoidance algorithm used in the link layer has excellent anti-interference ability. The network provides three sleep modes: synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid modes, which provides high flexibility in battery-driven applications.
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